What Is Agile Process Or Agile Methodology Or Agile Method In Software Testing?

Mukta Sharma
2 min readMar 20, 2023

First of all, all are the same…these are different terms being used in Industry.

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This is one more advanced way to enhance team collaboration, develop software, and deliver to the client frequently.

Agile Process:

In the Agile software development process, you work together in a team to deliver products continuously and in an iterative way to deliver a better quality product to your client/customer.

User Stories:

You will get some requirements/user stories, developers will do coding, testers will do testing and that particular feature (or those set of user stories) will be released to production at the end of the sprint.

Customer Role:
The customer will provide you with feedback and you will then incorporate that feedback and improve the quality of the product.

This process goes on in Agile and we continue to strive for excellence in terms of creating and delivering a better quality product.

Agile focuses on:
Agile promotes the following:
Better team collaboration
Effective and efficient product delivery
Frequent product delivery
Continuously delivery

You would have heard about the following:

These all are the different frameworks that follow Agile principles. However, Scrum is most famous and mostly in use by many companies all across the world.

Scrum =>Agile
Scrum follows Agile and it’s a part of Agile.

Agile methodology is like an umbrella where Scrum, kanban,xp, etc. are all different parts but combined under one main methodology.

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