Test Plan & Test Execution in XRay

Hi there, Suppose you are working on a User Story and you have written few tests to cover the story. To ensure that the requirement coverage is maintained, we have Xray, a Test Management tool.

I have used Xray earlier in my projects so I thought to share my knowledge with you regarding Test Plan and Test Execution plan in Xray so that if at any point in time, you need to use it in your project, it will be easier for you to implement. So, let's get started.

Let me put down some Keypoints for your understanding:

  1. First, you can choose the option to ‘Create’ from the top menu as given below.

2. It will display Create Issue screen. On Create Issue Screen, select your Project and Select Issue Type from the list as shown below. For example: Test Plan

2. While creating a Test Plan, you can provide the Start date and End date.

3. You can then add all your tests to Test Plan by providing a test case Id.

4. Similarly, you can create “Test Execution” as you see in the list above.

5. After creating a Test Execution, you can add your tests by selecting Test case ID.

6. After you finish creating your test, it will also give you an option to add it to test plan or test execution. You can choose as per the requirement.

7. You can Create Test Execution plan and add all your test Ids there.

8.It can also automatically add your tests to test plan, in case if you missed any test.

A warning message will be displayed when there is a mismatch in count of total number of test cases in Test Plan and Test Execution.

9. You can view/create test plan for a specific sprint and see the total number of test cases. Similarly, you can view/create test execution for a sprint and see the count of the total tests.

10. You can view whether a test is started Executing or In Progress or Completed.

11. A Test Plan shows the progress how many tests are added in a test plan and if any test case missed execution.

12. Test Plan also shows you the attached Test Execution plan for a particular Sprint.

13. When you cover a requirement, the Requirement Status color changes to Green and shows OK. Similarly, if you do not cover a requirement, it shows “No Run” and if a test fails, the status shows “Not Ok”.

14. You can create a “Precondition” for your test if required.

15. You can add more than 1 Test Execution to a Test Plan depending upon your test requirement.

16. You can view different statuses ( ToDo, Fail, Pass, Executing) for your test as shown below:

I hope, I could provide some help to you in understanding how do we use Xray for Test Management. Let me know what you think about this article.

Please feel free to share your thoughts. Let's grow and learn together. Thank you for reading!



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