List Of Tools To Perform Accessibility Testing

Mukta Sharma
2 min readFeb 24, 2023
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In one of my previous posts, I discussed Accessibility testing. In this article, I will be discussing the tools that you can use in real-time to perform accessibility testing on the projects.

There are many tools available to perform accessibility testing. But, you need to find useful ones which fulfill the customer’s requirements.

Here are some popular examples:

  1. Screen readers: Screen readers, such as NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) and JAWS (Job Access With Speech), are software programs that read out the text displayed on the screen for people with visual impairments. These tools can help to test the accessibility of web pages, and desktop and mobile applications.

2. Color Contrast Analyzers: Color contrast analyzers, such as WebAIM’s Color Contrast Checker or the Paciello Group’s Colour Contrast Analyser, are tools that help to test the contrast between foreground and background colors on a web page. This is important for people with color vision deficiencies.

3. Keyboard-only navigation testing: Keyboard-only navigation testing involves using only the keyboard to navigate a website or application.

This can help to identify any accessibility barriers for users who cannot use a mouse.

4. Keyboard testers include AXE and Keyboard Accessibility Testing Extension (KATE).

5. Accessibility evaluation tools: There are many automated accessibility evaluation tools available, such as Wave,, and Google Lighthouse, which can scan web pages for accessibility issues and provide a report of the issues found.

6. ARIA testing tools: Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) can improve the accessibility of dynamic web content.

7. ARIA testing tools such as AInspector Sidebar or PowerMapper ARIA Test can be used to check if ARIA markup has been correctly implemented.

It’s important to note that while automated accessibility testing tools can be useful, they should not be relied on solely to determine accessibility compliance.

Manual testing is equally important for ensuring that software is truly accessible to people with special needs.

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