Is Regression Testing & Re-Testing the Same Or Different In Software Testing?

Mukta Sharma
2 min readAug 25, 2023

Regression testing and re-testing are NOT the same in software testing. They serve different purposes and are carried out at different stages in the testing process.

Here’s a clarification along with real-time examples for you:


Note: Re-testing involves testing the same test case again with the same inputs to ensure that a reported defect has been fixed. It verifies whether the specific defect has been successfully addressed and whether the desired functionality is working as expected now.

Example: Imagine you found a defect where a login page was not accepting valid credentials. After the development team fixes this issue, you will perform re-testing by logging in with the same valid credentials to verify that the problem has been resolved.

Regression Testing:

Note: Regression testing ensures that new changes or enhancements introduced into the application do not adversely affect existing functionalities.

A second importantpoint about regression testing is that it involves running a suite of test cases, including both the ones that are directly related to the changes and the ones that aren’t, to catch unintended side effects.

Example: Suppose you’re testing an e-commerce website. You’ve added a new feature that allows users to filter products based on price range. So, as part of regression testing, you would not only test this new feature but also run tests related to core functionalities like adding items to the cart and making a purchase. This ensures that the new change hasn’t broken any existing functionality.

In summary, re-testing focuses on verifying that a specific defect has been fixed, while regression testing aims to ensure that new changes haven’t introduced issues elsewhere in the application.

Both are essential components of a comprehensive testing strategy, helping to maintain the quality of the software product.

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