How To Start Learning Cypress — Easy Steps To Implement-Simplified Version By Mukta Sharma

Mukta Sharma
3 min readApr 10, 2023

If you have worked in automation testing before in your software testing career, it will be easier for you to understand this blog however if you are totally new to automation, i would recommend you to learn little bit about programming languages.


In this blog, i shall be discussing about Cypress automation tool which is used for end to end testing, component testing and can be used to design your api tests as well.

Introduction about Cypress:

Cypress is an open source tool which is built using node.js and comes as a packaged bundled in npm package. NPM stands for node package manager.

Cypress support java scripting & typescripting.

Cypress supports Mocha framework.

Cypress supports Chrome, Edge,Firefox and Electron.

Main point of consideration here is Cypress runs inside the browser. So, whatever execution will happen, it will happen on the browser itself.

In this blog, i will share how to start learning Cypress from scratch, what steps i followed and in which order i followed to start working on Cypress.

Here, is what I followed & you can also follow, if interested.

1. downloaded and installed node js from official website .
2. downloaded and installed visual studio code from official website.
3. Then, opened node.js command prompt to verify the installed npm version and nodejs version.

Image: My Own — Mukta Sharma

4. commands used:
npm -v
node -v

I installed node.js 19.8.1
npm 9.5.1
VScode editor 1.77.0

5. Then,I created one folder in my local and tried to open in VSCode editor.

6. Launch terminal
And,then run the below command:



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